​​​Miriam E.Tucker

Writer - Journalist - Communicator  

Welcome to my website. I’m a freelance journalist specializing in medicine and health, with an occasional dabble into other topics. 

My work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, National Public Radio’s health blog, Medscape, Diabetes Forecast, and the British Medical Journal, among others. 

Much of my writing focuses on diabetes. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1973 at the age of 9. I’ve spent much of the past 40 years writing about all aspects of the condition for healthcare providers, patients and families, and the public. For more, click the “diabetes” link on the right.  

Recently, I’ve also been writing about the science surrounding the debilitating and poorly-understood condition that has been given the inappropriate name “chronic fatigue syndrome.” A newer term is “myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome,” or ME/CFS.  Click that link
 for more information. 

My older content – including some unpublished work and attempts at humor – are included under the two “other” tabs. 

Please feel free to email me (Miriam@MiriamETucker.com) about anything you see here.